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I fucked my 60 year old math teacher so I could pass and graduate lol


……………. whatever works man…….

Goodbye Humboldt… For now

Unfortunately, I will not be returning to HSU this next semester. I have decided to stay in LA for the betterment of my Family and myself. I’m gonna miss the Hell out of Arcata though, and all of Humboldt County for that matter.I get depressed every time I think about it… I’m gonna miss you forest. I’m gonna miss you redwoods. Stay beautiful for me till my return, okay? I’m gonna miss you Arcata Farmer’s Market. I’m gonna miss you Couple Cups. I’m gonna miss all the friends I have made at HSU. I’m gonna miss out on experiencing Humboldt college life with them. I’m gonna miss out on growing with them. I’m gonna be missing a lot. Maybe one day I’ll be back. One Day

I’m gonna miss you Liberation… I’m gonna miss you… Freedom

It’s fucking mind blowing how one night can change the rest of your life forever… Fuck you 4th of July! You will forever remind me of all the things you took away from me that night. 

You know how people say they have no regrets because they gained knowledge from an experience? Well in this instance, I Really don’t Fucking feel that way. I regret that night… I regret that one horrible decision I made and I can’t blame anyone but myself. There are plenty of moments when people wish they could go back in time and change things or do something differently; but then later they realize it wasn’t that big of a deal. Well in my case, I truly mean it! I really do! My life is changed forever! This IS the time for a time machine.

God Damn it! I think I know what to do but… I can’t be sure on what will fill this hole inside me. I’m trying… I’m trying SO HARD. But, I just don’t enjoy life as much as I used to now. I don’t KNOW what to do. I just don’t know. I don’t know if just time will work this time…

I don’t know…

I don’t know… 


Celeste Byers



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OH MY GOD… I remember this! 

This was one of the first times I actually cried from the heart. I learned about real emotion and compassion and lose from this cartoon. I related it to my brother; ironically enough being that I am the younger one. But he always used to cause me pure Hell on Earth for no reason but for me simply existing. But then after this episode, I realized that even with all the hatred at had for him… If I ever lost him… If he were to just die suddenly without me letting him know that I still loved him…; I would collapse just as Marc Anthony did. This episode was waaaaay to real for me at the age I saw it. 

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"how are you single?"